Magnolia Finery


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  • Each surface is made of delicate Plaster like product on a sturdy board. It's lightweight and can be easily carried to various locations.
  • Textures & Tones will vary slightly with each surface, as each piece is unique and hand crafted, with its own character.
  • Different lighting will yield different results in tones once photographed. Our own styled images are created with the idea of representing the color in its most accurate form.
  • Due to the nature of wood, there may be slight bending of your surface, especially during warm days. You can turn it over and place heavy books on top to flatten if needed.
  • Do not place items that can damage the surface, or cause discoloration. If dirt marks appear wipe clean with a damp cloth. Always place surface back in carry bag when finished and don’t drag heavy objects on top of it.
  • Please note these surface are NOT food safe. Items placed on this surface must be thrown away after use and should not be consumed for your own safety.
  • Please allow 7-14 days lead time for each surface to be created.
  • Since our surfaces are all hand crafted and are made-to-order, there are no returns once this product is purchased.